Great Success

I’m still not sure where I transferred this morning. It might have been Ikea, a nice mall or  the Copenhagen airport. Nicest airport I’ve been in, both in terms of design and stores. Burberry, Gucci, Ralph Lauren in a row. Everything is clean and crisp. There are pictures of this little green running man (worst movie ever, in case you were wondering) all over, which I guess means emergency exit. The flight itself went well, but I’m not much of a plane sleeper.

One thing that jumps out is how many different languages are being spoken, none of which I can understand. I’ll have to get used to missing out on most of the conversation going on around me. Anyways, Hester and Annemiek picked me up at the airport. I was surprised at how relieving it was be greeted by familiar faces. We made the short drive back to Bambrugge. As far as the Dutch experience, I’ve already had a lot of it. Drove by a dyke, windmill and flat pastures. Had cheese sandwiches and hagelslag. It’s time for a nap before heading into Amsterdam to see Viktor and Rutger at the sold out Paradiso.

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